Junior Olympic Archery Development


Junior Olympic Archery Development, or JOAD (pronounced Joe-Ad) is a part of USA Archery designed to encourage youth to participate in archery. JOAD offers the opportunity to train for competition and to meet other archers in the region and nation. The focus of our program is to improve fundamental skills, learn advanced techniques, and to perfect an individual and consistent shooting style. The program is ongoing throughout the year and new archers can join at any time.

No experience is necessary to join the program, all new archers to the program must complete a one hour orientation session with a JOAD coach to become familiar with range safety rules and the basic equipment and shooting instruction used in JOAD.

Our JOAD program is for both the competitive archer and the recreational archer, recurve or compound bow, and is designed to provide a fun atmosphere focused on critical skill development that foster lifetime shooting skills and a love of archery. JOAD Club members may remain in the Club up to the year of their 20th birthday. All members of the JOAD program have opportunities to compete in local, state, and national archery competitions.

The registered name of the JOAD Club with USA Archery is “N.E. Kansas Overton’s Archery Center”.

Pricing & Times

All levels are currently meeting at 6:30pm on Thursday at the indoor range at Overton’s Archery Center. Prices include lanyards and achievement pins. Scoring sessions are usually scheduled each month for archers to measure their progress and earn award pins.

JOAD orientation session- $30 for one hour session, includes all equipment, and there is sibling discount available for same session. JOAD Orientation is held by appointment call 785-832-1654.

JOAD Recurve Club – $15 per group session, targets, bows, lanyards and achievement pins are included. Each archer needs to have their own quiver, 6 arrows, finger tab, and arm guard which are available as a “JOAD Package” from Overton’s Pro-Shop. Loaners are available on a limited basis.

JOAD Compound Club – $15 per group session, targets, lanyards and achievement pins are included. Each archer needs to have their own equipment. Prior to purchasing any equipment see Jon in the Pro-Shop to ensure that you are purchasing the right equipment to meet your needs, it is hard to learn proper technique on a compound bow that doesn’t properly fit you and we certainly do not want you to purchase items that you do not need.

JOAD Quarterly Tournament – $15 entry fee per archer (fees are forwarded to USA Archery with score sheets by Club Coordinator)

JOAD Team Cost

Practice sessions - $15 per session
Scoring sessions - $15 per session 

USA Archery

JOAD is certified through USA Archery.  USA Archery is the National Governing Body for the Olympic sport of archery, and is the organization recognized by the U.S. Olympic Committee for the purpose of selecting and training men’s and women’s teams to represent the U.S. in the Olympic, Paralympic, and Pan American Games. USA Archery also selects teams for World Championships, World Cups and other international competitions annually.

The mission of USA Archery is to provide the necessary resources to foster strong athlete participation, competition and training in the sport of archery. Membership in USA Archery is open to everyone involved in all disciplines of archery including target, field and 3-D. USA Archery sanctions more than 200 events annually and conducts indoor, outdoor and collegiate National Championships as well as the United States Archery Team Qualifier Series. USA Archery also provides youth and adult archery programs and clubs throughout the United States, and certifies archery instructors, coaches and judges.

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